Best Lawn Mower Brands

Best Lawn Mower Brands: Different lawn mowers are designed to suit different purposes. There are those that are electric and gas-powered lawn mowers. Here are the best Lawn mower brands.

Best Lawn Mower Brands

  • Honda Lawn Mowers

This is one of the brands that save money and time to the user because of its technology design that makes its movement easier. Honda engines are reliable, quiet, and fuel efficient power. It is very easy to start the engine due to their advanced technology.

Honda mowers have twin blades that offer a superior cut. Also the twin blades cut the grass into small pieces, resulting to better mulching and better bagging performance. Usually the upper blade makes a major cut at the front while the lower blade makes a smaller cut.

They are also designed for super bagging. Therefore the twin blades create smaller clipping. The decks are made in such a way they reduce the distance that the grass travels to the bag.

They also have a high quality wheel that offer better maneuverability, smooth ride and better durability.

  • Husqvarna Mowers

Husqvarna manufacture different types of mowers like walk behind and push lawn mowers. They also offer different varieties which are self-propelled styles, traditional push models, battery operated lawn and electric lawn mowers.

Husqvarna mowers have other features like front wheel steeling, which allow sufficient amounts of breaking and traction. Also they provides an option for articulating steeling, this showcases a cutting desk that is bio clipping.

  • Toro LawnMowers

This mower features intuitive self-propulsion and excellent mulching performance. The engine is more powerful and reliable compared with other mowers.

Since it has a front-wheel drive, you cannot adjust mulching options. They also have a wash-out port that allows easy cleaning of the mower.

Toro usually performs well, cost less and can be stored upright, hence saving valuable garage space.

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