Best Lawn Mower for Small Yard

Best Lawn Mower for Small Yard: Are you looking for the best lawn mower to clear less than a quarter acre of grass, push mowers are the ideal machine for you to get the job done without frustration as you tend to save time and money. In using a lawn mower for a small yard, you wouldn’t worry about the parts that might worn out as a result of wear and tear as the work is done and it is relatively cheap to acquire.

Best Lawn Mower for Small Yard

Ideally, it takes about 30 minutes to cut a quarter acre yard when using a lawn mower if peradventure you are pushing the mower. The user might struggle physically if the yard is slightly more than a quarter especially if the yard is one with hills. For this reason, a self-propelled mower is recommended but it has its disadvantages which includes being expensive and more complex to operate. Push lawn mowers are not only less expensive than self-propelled ones but are easier to keep in the garage or in a small space. Some are even designed in such a way that they can be kept upright.

Basically, lawn mowers have some interesting features which include a dual-blade cutting system that is integrated to mulch clips and wider cutting decks thereby reducing the time spent in mowing and they are seen as proliferation of new electric models.

The biggest limitation of using an electric mower for a quarter acre-yard is mainly the run time but it has been tested and confirmed that most cut about one-third acre-yard on a single charge.

Irrespective of your specification of lawn mower you desire to cut your yard, push models such as; Black+Decker, Craftsman, Cub Cadet, Echo, Ego, Honda, Husqvarna, Toro, and Troy-Bilt are ideal brands to use in a small yard especially one less than an acre.

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