Best Oil For Lawn Mower

Best Oil For Lawn Mower: Machines work like people. If human eats bad food, he or she will get sick quickly. The same thing applies to machines and lawn mowers. You have to maintain your lawn mowers in a proper way; that is crucial for keeping a machine in good condition. If you forgot to change oil for a while, don’t worry, sometimes months can pass without changing the oil. You should plan to refill the machine after every 20 to 50 hours. Of course, it depends on the type of your mower and its engine. Unless you are mowing huge surfaces, you can wait a whole year to change the oil.

Best Oil For Lawn Mower

There are two types of oil for lawn mowers. Nobody can tell you “use this oil” because your mower determines the type of oil you use. It depends on whether conditions as well.

Don’t use motor oil without checking if your lawn mower is compatible with it. You can seriously damage some parts of a lawn mower. There is a difference between small engine oil and automotive oil, remember that.

You can indeed use motor oil, but only for four-cycle motors. The most suitable is oil with a grade of SAE-30, but still, you need to check if it is compatible with your lawn mower before adding it to the machine.

On other hand, small engine oil is usually the best choice for two-stroke motors. These engines are mostly used by old-fashioned push mowers. The popularity of push mowers is enormously decreased since four-stroke units become more common. Considering they use the same fill port for both gasoline and small engine oil, you have to mix them in particular ratio such as 50:1 or 32:1. Again, you should check this in your lawn mower specifications. A lawn mower is big invested, so be sure that you use right oil for it.

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